Why a Sucker Rod Fence Makes a Good First Impression When Pulling up to Any Property

The care of large animals is very different from keeping domestic pets secure. The average farm relies on a variety of heavy-duty equipment and supplies. Very few are as important as the fencing people choose. There is no security without a reliable fence for the animals needing to remain contained or for the people, property and smaller animals around the farm or ranch. A lot of fencing options have proven to be helpful but none are as attractive or functional as a sucker rod fence.

What is a sucker rod?

The oil industry uses sucker rod pipes to connect surface and submerged pipes in oil wells. These steel rods are threaded at both ends and available in multiple sizes. They are solid, reliable and affordable for oil fields and as a fencing option.

Why are they great as fences?

A sucker rod fence makes a good first impression when pulling up to any property. It is a product that is as strong as it looks. The durable steel is attractive and does not require constant maintenance to stay appealing or to protect it from nature. A fence built from the rods will remain stable and not tip, warp or sag the way other materials will over time.

Have the rods been used in oil fields?

Many people prefer used rods because they are often cheaper than new. However, there are some risks with this method. The pipes typically decay from the inside and that makes it difficult to determine if they are worn out or acceptable for use. Most used rods are those that have been removed from oil field use because the company believed they were too worn out to operate safely. If the rod is to be used as an art project it is safe to purchase used. New or reconditioned sucker rods are usually best if they are needed to protect livestock.

Once people are comfortable working with the long steel sucker rods they will discover that there are an endless number of ways to use the reliable material. It is possible to purchase the rods from the same businesses that supply oil and gas companies. This makes it easy to get all of the sizes and numbers of rods needed from one supplier.