The Private Lake Sold Me on Moving Here

I wanted to find out more information on Twin Lakes, which is an apartment complex in Wichita. I went to their website and was happy to see that I could click here and there for all of the information that I needed to have to make an informed decision. I had driven past it not that long ago for the first time, and I was just enthralled with it. I never knew apartment complexes like that existed in the area, and I was really hoping that all of the information would be favorable for me to move there.

I first looked at the rental prices. I knew that it was going to be the one thing that could make or break the idea of living there. I was beyond thankful when I saw the prices, because they are definitely affordable. In fact, I was only thinking about a one bedroom apartment, but I can afford a two bedroom easily. I still just needed one bathroom because it is just me living there, but I did like the idea of having an extra room. After seeing the prices, I decided to look at all of the amenities included.

I had already seen the layout of the apartment I wanted, and I was very happy with it. I looked at the outdoor amenities, and I was simply blown away. What interested me in the first place was the country setting, but seeing that they have a fully stocked private lake made me want to sign a lease that very day. I love to fish, and I love to go out on a boat too. Granted, it is just a small lake, but it is plenty big enough for me. I needed no further proof that this was the place I am meant to live!

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