Moving to Have Room for Our First Child!

I told my wife that I would be happy living in a refrigerator box as long as she was by my side. She told me that it might get a bit cramped with the three of us. That was her way of telling me we had a visit from the stork in our future. We needed to move into a new apartment soon, so we looked at a website for Jackson, Mississippi apartments. We needed two bedrooms, but three would even be better. This way we would not be sleeping on the couch and loveseat when parents and in-laws would be visiting to spend time with the newest addition to our family.

The Woodlands Apartments had very affordable rent for all the amenities they offer. They have a nice playground outside, and the place is a fenced in. It is a gated community. I was really happy to see that. Now that I am going to be a dad, I have all this security stuff on my mind for our home and family. I insisted on a bottom floor place. We got a nice apartment with a nice private patio. I did not want any stairs or hallways to have to navigate if there ever was an emergency. I just did not think about this stuff before my wife told me she was pregnant. It was like a switch got thrown in my head that turned me into a protector.

We were actually sitting on our patio in our new three bedroom place in Jackson, and my wife asked me what I was thinking about. I told her I was wondering if our life insurance policy would cover all the lost wages and college. She smiled and told me that I could just relax in the moment. I tried, but my mind kept on thinking about the responsibility of caring for our own flesh and blood child. It is mind boggling!

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