Family And Addiction

Are you in love with a drug addict?

Loving a drug or alcohol addict is very difficult. It acne be sometimes emotionally draining as well. People who are drug addicts often tend to get selfish for their own motives. All they care about is the next dosage of high that they get.

They hardly have any feelings for the person who love and care about them. Expecting a drug addict to change and leave his addiction is almost next to impossible. In most cases, addicts won’t change or leave their addiction unless and until they decide to do so.

You cannot be assured about the positive feedbacks if you will force the addicted lover to join the rehab. Because in this case they might become violent and aggressive! While many people think theta their love and care is enough to change the perspective of an addict. This may hold any value in the real world. Instead this can lead to more emotional break downs and shared addictions.

The solution for this problem is to detach with love. Detaching with love is the process of getting away with the addict lover. This is done with the main motive to move ahead with own preferences and choices.

Why detach from an addicted lover?

Though it can be a difficult move but it is also important due to following reasons:

  • Encouraging their addiction– While being in love it is natural to share the care and feeling for each other. Being in a relationship with an addicted person means you must support his addictions as well. You might be taking care of the other person’s payments as he must be spending his entire income on drugs. In other words you could be encouraging hid addiction. To stop him to get into a severe addiction and detaching your financial assistance from him might help him get rid of it soon. By stepping back you can convey the other person that he is on his own from that very moment.
  • Codependency – This is a situation where you tend to depend completely on your addictive partner. This dependency is up to such a limit that you tend to oversee his violent nature towards you. Even if the person is abusive or hurting your sentiments you just cannot detach yourself from him. This can give rise to intense emotional draining and stigma. Therefore it is important to detach yourself from any such person who doesn’t respect you and your affection or him.
  • Move on – People high on addiction tend to become emotionless after a point of time in their life. They are no more affected by the love and care shown by a person towards them. All they need is the arrangement for the next high dose. They can go to any extent of violence as well with their partners. They can be extremely manipulative and rude in their behavior. They can become a reason to degrade the lives of their loved one with their addictive habits. Their company will also be deteriorated due to this habit of theirs. So all that gets important at this time is to move on with your own self respect and search for new avenues in life.
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Detaching yourself with an addicted lover is very important in order to lead a respectful life in future.